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Sowing the Seeds of Love: The Thelemic Path to True Will

In the landscape of Thelemic philosophy, where the adage “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” reigns supreme, love is the law, love under will. Within this axiom lies the foundation for understanding the Thelemic approach to sowing the seeds of love—a process deeply intertwined with the discovery and fulfillment of one’s True Will.

Love and Will: The Twin Pillars of Thelema

The concept of love in Thelema transcends the mundane interpretations often ascribed to it. It is not merely romantic or familial affection but is considered an expression of the fundamental force that permeates the universe—akin to the concept of Agape, the Greek word for selfless, universal love. This love is a cosmic principle that facilitates the manifestation of Will, which is not mere want or desire but the very purpose of one’s existence, the soul’s destiny as dictated by the divine order.

The Seed: The Star Within

Every individual is a star, a sovereign entity with a unique orbit as decreed by the dynamics of the cosmos. To sow the seeds of love is to acknowledge one’s intrinsic nature and to act in accordance with that nature without interference from societal norms or dogmatic prescriptions. It is to allow the star within to shine and to interact harmoniously with the constellation of other stars—other individuals pursuing their True Will.

Cultivating the Garden of Nuit

In Thelemic cosmology, Nuit is the goddess of the night sky, the infinitely expansive celestial dome that symbolizes the potentiality of creation. To sow seeds of love within her starry expanse is to engage with the limitless possibilities of existence. The Thelemic practitioner is, therefore, akin to a gardener in the infinite garden of Nuit, tilling the soul’s earth to plant aspirations aligned with the great work of realizing one’s True Will.

The Formula of IAO

IAO, in Thelemic thought, represents the formula of magical regeneration and is central to the idea of sowing seeds both metaphorically and practically. It stands for the Isis (the initiating impulse of love), Apophis (the dissolution of the ego and its attachments), and Osiris (the reconstitution of the self in alignment with the True Will). Engaging with this formula is essential to sowing the seeds of love, for it requires the practitioner to undergo a transformative cycle akin to the seasons that affect the physical sowing of seeds in nature.

The Magick of Sowing

Performing magick in Thelema is an act of love itself—a ritualistic confirmation of one’s will enacted with the passion of one’s heart and the precision of one’s mind. Sowing seeds of love is an act of magick that aligns internal intention with external action. It requires not just the mental and spiritual efforts but also the physical endeavors of nurturing the seeds once they are sown to fruition.

Harvesting Thelema’s Love

The cultivation of these seeds leads to the harvest, a stage where the fruits of one’s labor are made manifest. It is the realization of love under will—a harmonious state of being where actions reflect the true nature of the practitioner, and every motion and rest fall in line with the greater cosmic rhythm. This harvest is not only for the self but also for the greater community, as each individual’s True Will is a thread in the tapestry of human evolution.

Closing Invocation

As such, the Thelemic article on sowing the seeds of love closes with an invocation for the sower to become a living symbol of Thelema’s highest precepts, to radiate love and execute will with a clarity that benefits all. In the spirit of Thelema, the article would conclude with a salutation that reflects its core principles:

“May the seeds of love you sow bloom according to your True Will, enriching the universe with the beauty of your becoming. Love is the law, love under will.”

Through this practice, love is sown as an extension of will, guided by the starry dictates of Nuit, and cultivated through the magick of IAO, bearing fruit in the realization of one’s ultimate purpose and the betterment of humankind.

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